Bukonzo Dream, Uganda.

Product image 1Bukonzo Dream, Uganda.
Product image 2Bukonzo Dream, Uganda.
Product image 3Bukonzo Dream, Uganda.
Product image 4Bukonzo Dream, Uganda.

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Profile: A sweet, rich and full-bodied flavour with notes of apricot and peach yoghurt with a chocolate finish.



  • From the Region the Kasese District
  • Grown in an altitude of 1,900 masl.
  • The varietals include SL28 & SL34
  • A natural Process
  • Mahango Coop mill


The Bukonzo Dream, Uganda coffee story:

Every year Uganda benefits from a bi-modal rainfall season and high altitudes, the country has a pleasant climate all year round and can be found covered in greenery. The mountain ranges to the East and West are home to Uganda’s arabica farmers and the government is promoting coffee production as a key driver for rural development.

The name ‘Bukonzo Dream’ originated from the Bukonzo tribe people of Uganda. Holding brave and friendly traits they warmly welcome people who dream of being able to provide better opportunities for each generation. In turn, the farmers have strong entrepreneurial spirits and are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure a fantastic crop.

Bukonzo Dream is a fantastic lot from the Kasinga Coffee Station, collected by a total of 398 farmers. The coffee is harvested by hand with each farmer carefully selecting only most perfect ripe cherries. These are then pre-sorted before being floated in a tank of water. Those that float are removed, only the best to be sun-dried on raised beds in purpose-built polytunnels.

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