CATURRA DE ALTURA, COLOMBIA. Washed Caturra. Caramel, berries, hazelnuts.


Wet Mill         Las Margaritas

Region           Guatica

Altitude         1700-1900 masl

Varietal           Caturra

Process           Washed


Granja La Esperanza is a group of farms owned and run by the Herrara family. Recognised as one of the leading farms in Colombia their obsessive attention to details has lead them to win the Speciality Coffee Association of America’s “Triple Crown”. This special award is only given to producers who have had three of their coffee selected to be in their countries top ten in a given year. This "Caturra de Altura" coffee, so called due to the height it is grown is a firm favourite will both or wholesale and retail customers. Due to the two crops per year, this is one single origin we are able to all year around. Seasonal variations can be expected though.

IN THE CUP - full bodied and rich. Hazelnuts, berries & caramel



The La Esperanza farms stand out with their progressive philosophy of not only producing an amazing quality of coffee but also strive for environmental sustainability and provided extensive training for its employees. When we first cupped this coffee, it immediately stood out on the table due to its beguiling complexity of subtle flavours.



A firm favourite with our wholesale customers as both the house and guest espresso we recommend as a starting point try 18g of coffee for a 32g shot in around 32 seconds. Expect a full bodied, rich espresso with good complexity. Target extraction level 18.9%


We love the body and long finish of this coffee so a Chemex is our go to brewer of choice with this Colombian. As a starting point use a ratio of 30g of ground coffee with 500ml of water at approximately 95degC. Wet the bed of coffee with approximately twice its weight in water, say 60g and use a t spoon to stir lightly to make sure all the grounds are equally saturated. Add remaining water in 3 equal measures with all water added before 3 mins. Total brew time should be around 3:30 - 4:00 minutes. If you have a larger Chemex and are brewing a greater volume, just coarsen the grind and allow brew time to increase to 4 mins 30 seconds.



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