Wet Mill         Agprocem

Region           Tolima

Altitude         1700 - 2000 masl

Varietal           Caturra, Costillo, Colombia

Process           Washed. Sugarcane Decaffeination


This decaf comes from the Planadas area of the department of Tolima in Colombia. The lot is a collaborative effort of multiple producers in Planadas that make up the association Agprocem. Agprocem has 61 families comprising the association and between them the families produce Caturra, Castillo and Typica varieties mainly. The altitude of the family farms are between 1700 and 2000 masl. The coffees from each farm collaborating on this lot were all processed using the washed method then sun-dried before being sent for decaffeination.

IN THE CUP - red fruit, brown sugar & chocolate



These beans were processed using a natural decaffeination method. Many coffees are decaffeinated with the use of synthetic chemicals and high heat, which can negatively alter the taste of the coffee. However, by washing the beans using ethyl acetate derived from the natural fermentation of sugar cane, the structural integrity of the bean is protected, and the natural flavours of the coffee are able to shine through and be indistinguishable from the underlying coffee.


A firm favourite with our wholesale customers as their go to decaf coffee for espresso we recommend as a starting point try 19g of coffee for a 36g shot in around 32 seconds. Expect a full bodied, rich espresso with good complexity.

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