Excelso Decaf, Colombia

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Profile: A vibrant red fruit taste with undertones of brown sugar & chocolate.


  • From a collection of cooperatives
  • Grown in an altitude of 1,400 masl
  • The varietals include Caterra and Typica
  • Washed, Swiss Water Decaf coffee from DR Wakefield Source Collection

Excelso Swiss Water Decaf, Colombia: 

This fantastic decaf coffee is imported into the UK by our partners DR Wakefield and forms part of their Source Collections exclusive coffees.   With Colombian coffees, Excelso is one of the grading term used to specify the coffee bean size and the uniformity of size selection helps increase cup quality and flavour.

Sourced from a number of cooperatives, the ripe cherries are picked and sorted for quality.  They then enter the washing process to remove skin and pulp before sitting in fermentation tanks for up to 14 hours.  Next the beans are dried outdoors on patios until the moisture content reduces to 10-12%  Finally, they are sent to Swiss Water for the natural decaffeination process to take place.  Please read more about SWD in our blog post here.

A firm favourite with our wholesale customers as their go-to decaf coffee for espresso. 

Roast Level: medium

A medium roasted coffee which will please both espresso and filter drinkers


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If I place an order, when will it be dispatched?

We ship our orders from Monday through to Friday and we aim to ship every order received before 1pm, on the day it is received.

How long will it take to receive my order?

For UK orders, our standard shipping is with Royal Mail Tracked 48 hours so please allow two working days.  For an additional cost we can ship Royal Mail Tracked 24 hours.  For all orders over 3kg in weight we ship with DPD.  For overseas orders please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

How long after roast date should I wait until I brew my coffee?

For filter coffees please wait 5-7 days before using and for espresso please wait 7-10 days.  It will be worth it, honest!

How long will my coffee stay fresh?

Our coffee is at its optimum between day 7 to around day 30 after roast date and will be absolutely fine for up to 3 months.  Ground coffee will lose its flavour faster.

What days do you roast coffee?

We are roasting everyday, Monday through to Thursday.

Can I visit your workshop to collect my order?

Yes!  We welcome visits to the workshop.  Please do phone or email ahead for directions.

When will my subscription order be shipped?

We ship all subscription orders on the third week of every month.

Can I choose the coffee for my subscription?

Yes of course. If there is a particular coffee you would like repeated or are keen to try then please do get in contact and let us know.

What if I want to return my order or it is damaged?

We want all our customers to be 100% happy with their purchase.  If for any reason your order does not arrive in perfect condition then please email us and we will rectify the situation.

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