Gonzalez Fiallos, Honduras.

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Product image 2Gonzalez Fiallos, Honduras.
Product image 3Gonzalez Fiallos, Honduras.
Product image 4Gonzalez Fiallos, Honduras.

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Profile: A bright sweet flavour of pineapple and blueberry with a rounded honey finish.



  • From the Region of Copan
  • Grown in an altitude of 1,450 masl.
  • The varietal includes Paraneima
  • A Carbonic Macerated Natural Process

The Gonzalez Fiallos, Honduras, Copan coffee story:

Historically, the coffee within this region was smuggled across the border and sold as Guatemalan, or sold off as ‘high grown’ at a much lower rate. Recently producers have made considerable quality improvements through staff training alongside investment in farm infrastructure.

Donaldo Fiallos is a former agronomist who took over his farm from his mother around 12 years ago. The farm traditionally grows yellow & red catuai although Donaldo has recently introduced new varietals.

These Paraneima cherries have high levels in sugar and acid, the sugar reading levels of 27% on average. The present sweetness and acidity persists throughout the cup and gives a beautifully unique flavour profile consisting of ripe pineapple and blueberry.

When enjoying Gonzalez Fiiallos coffee, expect a full-bodied, sweet and clean espresso with sweet flavours of pineapple and blueberry with a honey finish.

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