KENYA GACHATHA AB. Raspberry & Dark Chocolate. Roasted for Espresso.



For this years harvest, large parts of the coffee producing zones in Kenya suffered a particularly bad rainy season, in turn this has had a detrimental effect on the pricing and the amount of high quality coffees available.

That being said, there are always stunning and unusual coffees to be found in Kenya, and this one stood out above all others on the cupping table, we’re very excited to offer you this stunning sister coffee to our AA filter.

With a heady floral aroma, in the cup you initially encounter a sweet raspberry acidity quickly followed by a rich long dark chocolate finish.  This coffee is wonderfully balanced, and both suitable drunk as a straight espresso or with milk as a flat white.

Available as a whole bean in both 250g or 1kg bags or ground for espresso (fine) or Aeropress (medium fine) in 250g bags using our Mahlkonig EK43 grinder for maximum extraction, sweetness and flavour.


Farm Details

Gachatha Coffee Factory rests on a 391-acre piece of land between the villages of Muthuaini, Thiriku, Gachenge, and Kianjau. It was placed here in 1963 to form the Gachatha Farmers Co-operative Society Ltd. Co-op membership currently stands at 1,057, of whom 900 are active farmers.

The factory itself supports nine permanent staff, with seasonal additions of roughly 25 people to help with cherry reception, depulping, and drying. The permanent staff are split between the key roles of coffee weighing and grading at reception, ensuring farmer payment, and addressing farmers’ complaints.


Processing Plant : Gachatha Wash Station

Region : Nyeri District

Altitude : 1995 masl

Varietals : SL28

Importer : Cafe Imports, Berlin

Process : Cherries are fully washed, wet processed and sun dried.


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