DATERRA BRAZIL. Pulped natural Catuai & Vermelo. Dark chocolate, vanilla, caramel.


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Farm     : Daterra

Plot       : TB 10

Region   : Cerrado

Altitude : 1149 masl

Varietal : Catuai, Vermelo

Process : Pulped natural


The Daterra Sweet Collection comes from the renowned Daterra farm in the Cerrado area in Brazil. The farm is famous for its innovative research and respect for the environment. The farm produces extremely high quality coffee beans, especially ones suited for espressos.

Sweet collection is also a Rainbow Alliance coffee, which means that the coffee has been produced ecologically and with sustainability, as well as in fair conditions for the workers. Rainforest Alliances goal is to use the environmental certificate to also affect customer behaviour.


IN THE CUP - full bodied and rich, dark chocolate, vanilla and toffee



The Daterra coffees are grown specifically for espresso and this is a beautiful example.  This coffee is a firm favourite for those who love a rich, sweet, low acidity chocolatey coffee.

Use 19.5g of coffee for a 36g shot in 28 seconds at 9 bar.

(it also makes an awesome filter too, just don't tell!)

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