DUROMINA, ETHIOPIA. - Washed Heirloom

Product image 1DUROMINA, ETHIOPIA. -  Washed Heirloom
Product image 2DUROMINA, ETHIOPIA. -  Washed Heirloom
Product image 3DUROMINA, ETHIOPIA. -  Washed Heirloom
Product image 4DUROMINA, ETHIOPIA. -  Washed Heirloom

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Profile: grapefruit, black tea & apricot. Very sweet and jammy.


  • From the Region of  Oromia
  • Grown in an altitude of 1,900-2,000 masl.
  • The varietals consist of Heirloom
  • Washed Duromina coffee 
  • Grown in a coffee cooperative in southwestern Jimma Zone

The Duromina, Ethiopia coffee story:

Duromina, which means “to improve their lives” in the Afan Oromo language, is a coffee cooperative in southwestern Jimma Zone.

The Coffee Initiative - a project established by Technoserve and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - was influential in establishing and developing fledgling cooperatives like Duromina. With technical support, business advice and access to finance, the members acquired and installed a wet mill and began processing fully washed coffee for the first time. As part of the Coffee Initiative, Falcon acted as a guarantor for 47 farming groups, representing 100,000 people, so that they qualified for bank loans which were integral to the project. These improvements helped Duromina produce high-quality coffee and bring new prosperity to the community.

The heirloom varieties most resemble the Typica variety with over 1000 different types growing in the wild forests of Ethiopia responsible for some of the most coveted cup profiles in the world.

 This coffee is light, delicate and complex - everything you would expect from a great washed Ethiopian. One for all you black filter coffee lovers!

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