BOLIVIA, SAN JUAN. Milk Chocolate, Walnut & Forest Berries. Roasted for Filter.




A rich sweet coffee from a small co-op in the heart of Latin America.   Expect lots of milk chocolate, walnuts and forest berry sweetness to produce a full bodied coffee.  We love drinking this in a Chemex, 30g of coffee with 500ml and a total brew time of 3:45 is a good starting point.

Available as a whole bean in both 250g or 1kg bags or ground for pour over (medium) or cafetiere (course) in 250g bags using our Mahlkonig EK43 grinder for maximum extraction, sweetness and flavour.

Farm Details

Bolivian organic coffee is grown in the heart of Latin-America, between the tropical plains and the Western Andes region, at altitudes between 1,300 and 1,700 metres.  The region has one of the highest levels of biodiversity on the planet.

Bolivia is a paradise for micro-lots. The Small San Juan cooperative is located at 37 Km. from the Caravani region in the province of Yungas, near to La Paz City.

There are 6 small coffee farmers in the coop, producing this washed caturra coffee on farms no bigger than 4 hectares each. They all receive help from international programs in the region to improve soil management and biodiversity.

Region : Caravani, Yungas

Altitude : 1300-1700 masl

Varietals : Caturra

Process : Washed




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