CATURRA DE ALTURA, COLOMBIA. Hazelnuts, toffee & chocolate. Roasted for Espresso.


Caturra de Altura. Guatica, Colombia.


As an espresso roast we extend our roast development time to maintain sweetness but not too far as to introduce too much bitterness.  This is a very nutty & toffee flavoured espresso, rich and full and with milk added has black forest gateau notes.

Available as a whole bean in both 250g or 1kg bags or ground for espresso or an aeropress in 250g bags using our Mahlkonig EK43 grinder for maximum extraction, sweetness and flavour.


Farm Details

Granja La Esperanza is a group of farms owned and run by the Herrara family. Recognised as one of the leading farms in Colombia their obsessive attention to details has lead them to win the Speciality Coffee Association of America’s “Triple Crown”.  This special award is only given to producers who have had three of their coffee selected to be in their countries top ten in a given year.

The La Esperanza farms stand out with their progressive philosophy of not only producing amazing quality of coffee but also strive for environmental sustainability and provided extensive training for its employees. When we first cupped this coffee, it immediately stood out on the table due to its beguiling complexity of subtle flavours.                                                    


Processing Plant : Las Margaritas

Region : Guatica

Altitude : 1700/1900 masl

Varietals : Caturra

Importer : DR Wakefield, London.

Process : Cherries go through the washed process method and are sun dried on African beds and patio’s.



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