This great coffee shows just how far we have come with decaf.

Using the totally natural Swiss Water technique where caffeine is extracted from the bean without the use of chemicals producing  a coffee you will want to drink just because of the taste. Perfect for when you want to enjoy a great coffee but don't need another caffeine hit.  We attended a presentation with Swiss Water last year and their coffees are as good as the underlying single origin, totally indistinguishable. 

Available as a whole bean in both 250g or 1kg bags or ground for espresso, filter or cafetiere in 250g bags using our Mahlkonig EK43 grinder for maximum extraction, sweetness and flavour.

Farm Details

Antioquia department is situated in the North-West of Colombia, with the main city in the area being Medellin. This region was the first to grow coffee in Colombia and is also where the FNC was created. Antioquia also produces the most of any region in Colombia, with around 130,000 hectares of coffee. Our origin parter, Co-op Andes is a large cooperative of small holder producers, and has an extensive farmer training programme and invests a lot in educating young farmers, as well as setting tiered rewards for high cup scores.


Cup Profile

Sweet & rounded with red berry, caramel and cocoa notes



Antioquia, Colombia.

Processing Plant : Co-op Andes

Region : Antioquia

Altitude : 1750-2000 masl

Varietals : Caturra, Colombia

Importer : Falcon Speciality.

Process : Washed. Cherries are sorted and then pulped to remove skins.  They are left to ferment for 14-18 hours before further washing and then patio dried.




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