EDEN. SEASONAL ESPRESSO. Chocolate, toffee & notes of forest fruits.




Our goal is to produce a blend which is sweet, complex, balanced and is delicious when served with milk.  EDEN seasonal espresso celebrates the best of the coffee harvest seasonality.

This is a very chocolatey sweet espresso, rich and full with notes of honey and forest fruits. We roast this blend darker than our single origin espresso and maintain sweetness and complexity but not too far as to introduce too much bitterness.  

Available as a whole bean in both 250g or 1kg bags or ground for espresso or an aeropress in 250g bags using our Mahlkonig EK43 grinder for maximum extraction and flavour.

Current Composition

30% Kenyan AA Washed SL28/32

70% Colombian Washed Caturra



We recommend : 

Dose 20g

Temperature 94 C

Volume  40ml

Time  4 seconds pre infusion followed by 24 seconds brew time



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