Make filter coffee like a pro barista

David Leeper, our wholesale coffee manager, shares the filter coffee recipe and technique he used when he performed in the UK Brewers Cup finals.

Filter coffee competition| Cast Iron Coffee Roasters

In 2018 David qualifed for the UK Brewers Cup finals and placed 5th in the competition, using a washed Caturra from Finca La Conchita in Colombia roasted by Guy of Cast Iron Coffee Roasters.

For the routine, David used the Kalita wave as the flat-bottom design, wave filter, and three-hole flow restrictors work together to provide an even extraction and highlight the fantastic sweetness and complex acidity.  (a Hario V60 will work just as well though)


Does: 17.5g - grind size would be 5.5 on an EK43 (on a scale of 0 - 11, 0 being fine)

Water: 260g at 94C

Brew Time: 4:00

Bloom: 50g for 1:00


1. First, use 50g of water to bloom and then agitate the coffee by spinning 5 times and tap 3 times to help encourage an even extraction and a flatbed. Leave the bloom for 1 minute- this will heighten the sweetness in the cup and help bring out a medium juicy body.

2. At 1:00 pour up to 200g slowly by 1:30mins

3. At 1:45 add the final 60g with all water in by 2:00 and then swirl 3 more times and tap twice (this flattens the coffee bed)

4. Remove dripper from cup/server at 4:00 once all water has drained through.

That’s it, simple. Now practise so you can brew it in front of judges, a crowded hall and live stream tv like David did!   Give it a go with one of these amazing filter coffees -

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