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Different coffee brewing methods produce different textures and flavours. So which coffee works best with which brew method and what can you expect from your cup?

Espresso Coffee

As with any coffee, the taste of espresso varies according to the coffee and its roast, as well as the quality of the grind and the specific recipe the barista uses. A well-made espresso generally boasts a heavy body and rich texture.

A shot of espresso is made with 16 to 18 grams of ground coffee, which will produce about 36ml of beverage.

Filter Coffee

Perhaps the simplest home coffee brewing method, filter coffee simply involves pouring water over ground coffee. However, picking the filter coffee that will award you with the best taste takes a little knowledge.

One of the things that coffee aficionados love best about filter coffee is its ability to really highlight the complexities of a particular coffee’s flavour profile. This is one of the reasons that, at Cast Iron Coffee Roasters, we only work with single origin coffees for a purity of flavour.

Cafetiere Coffee

The cafetiere is one of the simplest and most widely used coffee brewing methods in the home. Similar again to filter coffee, the taste profile you can expect is milder than that of espresso, with the notes dependent on the origin, roast and grind of the coffee itself.

The best cafetiere coffee requires roasted ground coffee, preferably specialty coffee which will afford you the best tasting cup. For best results, we also recommend using filtered water rather than directly from the tap, as this will reduce the chemical content and therefore improve the overall flavour.

Before pouring the boiled water into the cafetiere with the coffee, you should leave it to stand for up to a minute, so as not to scald the coffee. It is also recommended that you preheat your cafetiere with some freshly boiled water (96 degrees celsius is the recommended temperature), swirl it around and discard it, which will also help give purity to the taste of your cup. Cafetiere coffee should brew for 4 minutes before plunging, pouring and enjoying.

Aeropress Coffee

Little fact for you: Did you know that the AeroPress was invented by Aerobie, the same company responsible for the Guiness World Record breaking ‘superdisc’? Well, it’s true!

The Aeropress offers serious flexibility of brew method, which is what makes it such a popular option for many users.

Choose either a coarser filter coffee or a fine espresso grind.


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