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All our coffee is roasted to order in small batches using one of our two Giesen Roasters W6 and W15.  Both roasters use Cropster software for roast profiling which ensures we maintain the consistency of roasting that our customers have to come to expect.  Coffee roasting is used with a scientific approach which utilises a refractometer, a moisture meter and bean colour analyser which all help to maintain our exacting standards.  We sell coffee online as whole bean coffee or ground coffee although for freshness we recommend our customers grind coffee at home.  We have written a blog post about grinding coffee and offer a number of coffee grinders for sale on our website like the amazing Wilfa Svart.  Order coffee beans online now via our shop and also buy coffee brew equipment for the home or as coffee gifts.

We serve a wide range of organic coffee  from a number of farms who grow and harvest coffee with an organic certification.  We also stock a wonderful decaf coffee which is decaffeinated naturally using the Swiss Water process.  All our coffees can be found in the coffee bean section.


Our Story

As coffee lovers and with a sister who owns a coffee farm in Panama it was always inevitable that Guy and Tilly would become coffee roasters in the UK.  By starting roasting at home for friends and family on a small Huky 500 roaster with the coffee direct from Emilys farm the seeds of the business were planted.  We now only source our coffee from specialist importers who share the same values and ethical approaches we expect along the coffee chain.  We look to develop relationship coffees and buy from the same farmers every year. Roasting the worlds best coffees from a small barn in West Sussex. If you are thinking, is there a coffee roaster near me? well yes there is!


We supply a number of leading speciality coffee cafes, charities and restaurants in and around London and Brighton and the surrounding areas.  Are you looking for a Sussex coffee roaster? or perhaps a London coffee roaster?  As a coffee roaster near Brighton and Horsham, we love working with like minded businesses who focus on the quality of product to the customer.  Customer service is of paramount importance, just ask our customers in London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent.  We are authorised retailers of La Marzocco espresso machines and Mahlkonig and Anfim coffee grinders.  We have significant experience in setting up coffee shops with new customers and helping to realise their dream.  Please get in touch.


Unit 1, Quell Farm Ind. Units
Greatham, Pulborough
West Sussex
RH20 2ES

For further information on Origin and the importance of speciality coffee, please read our blog post here.



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