Speciality Coffee and why it is important


Processing coffee at Buziraguhindwa washing station, Burundi from Nordic Approach on Vimeo.





At Cast Iron Coffee Roasters we want to know where our coffee comes from, its as simple as that.  Why this is important? Single-origin speciality coffee is about accountability.  Knowing just the country of origin isn’t enough. The quality we look for is only possible if beans are sourced from farms and co-operatives we can trace.  Each coffee region and varietal has its own unique characteristics, flavour and feel, and it's our job to roast sympathetically to bring that out into the cup.

For coffee lovers, being able to trace back along the supply chain will give you a better understanding of what you buy and when we can buy direct from single farms and co-ops the farmers will earn a higher price.


Speciality coffee is about sustainability for the producer.  Reinvesting back into the farm improves the picking, preparation and packaging of the bean before it even begins its long journey to us and then to you.  We only buy our coffee from suppliers who care not only about the current crop but all the crops to come and who work closely with farms and encourage them to constantly improve standards.



 washed coffee beans drying on the patio


Coffee is a seasonal product and with all seasonal products, crop quality and quantity can vary significantly.  Whether we select our coffees from Africa or Central America,  Guatemala or Ethiopia, our job is to source, test, roast and supply only the very best. One of the most exciting things about speciality coffee is that it tastes different and amazing, and that is due to the care and attention of the bean through the whole of its journey from tree to cup.

The ground the coffee is grown in, the type of bean, the way it is picked, how the bean is cleaned from the cherry, how it is washed and dried, how it is stored and transported and how it is roasted all will have a dramatic impact on the coffees overall flavour.  From the blueberry fruity flavour of a natural Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to the deep chocolate of a Guatemalan Bourbon our coffee's are truly special and something we are deeply passionate about.


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