Coffee Blends

Carefully crafted coffee blends, created with our exquisite single origin specialty coffees


For coffee lovers, there is nothing more exciting than discovering a new coffee.
The sheer diversity of flavour and the enthralling stories behind each cup of coffee is something we relish.
That is why, at Cast Iron Coffee Roasters, so much of our collection comprises single origin coffees.
However, we are also incredibly partial to a really good coffee blend.

To create a great coffee blend is an art. One of our key missions is to bring you only the very best specialty coffee,
so before we offer a coffee blend, we have to be fully confident that it meets our exacting standards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Blends

Why choose a coffee blend?

Single origin coffees are a delight, available in all manner of flavour profiles which make each one unique. However, some of the more complex single origin coffees are an acquired taste and not for everyone. A good coffee blend, however, offers the perfect bridge between sophisticated taste and universal palatability.

With single origin coffees, you may get seasonal variations in the taste profile, whereas with a blend, we aim for consistency of flavour in every cup.

What is a coffee blend?

Quite simply, a coffee blend is a blend of coffees brought together carefully to create a distinct flavour,
bringing out the unique qualities of the individual coffees in the blend to create a new taste experience.

A coffee blend should be consistent in both flavour and availability, ensuring that - in a cafe setting - customers can enjoy the same great tasting coffee on each visit.
It keeps things simple for the barista, and provides a tailored and widely-enjoyed flavour to appeal to customer tastes.

The Cast Iron Coffee Blends

Our signature coffee blend, Unity, comprises 60% Brazil pulped natural Rubi, 30% Ugandan natural heirloom and 10% Sumatran Jagong semi-washed Bourbon.
This coffee blend offers a flavour profile with chocolate and nut praline tones and a delicious dark chocolate finish.
The result is a full-bodied, rich and smooth coffee blend with low acidity and a uniformity of flavour that remains constant throughout the year.

Eden is our other popular coffee blend, available in espresso only (but which can still offer a great filter taste).
It is a fruity, sweet blend which combines honey and toffee flavours with notes of forest fruits.
Darker than our single origin espressos to maintain the complexity and sweetness of the blend but without the bitterness associated with some dark blends.
We strive to keep the flavour of our Eden coffee blend as consistent as possible, but composition may vary slightly throughout the year to account for seasonal variations to the bean crop at source.
Currently, the Eden blend consists of 40% Peru San Ignacio washed typica and 60% Colombian Washed Caturra.




A different 340g bag each month (inc. P&P)
Detailed farm and tasting notes
Regular brewing guides
A monthly coffee delivery to your door

Receive a different, freshly roasted single origin coffee
to your home or workplace every month.

When you subscribe for a monthly coffee delivery with us,
you’ll get more than just another coffee to try.

We hand-select a different coffee every month,
which often includes exclusive micro-lots just for you,
which may not even appear on the website.

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