About Us.  Who are Cast Iron Coffee Roasters? 

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Five years ago we started Cast Iron Coffee Roasters with a simple vision focused squarely on producing the best specialty coffee possible.  That vision has never been more true than it is today.

We hand roast our coffee beans to order at our workshop in West Sussex, with the aim of getting them to our customers within 3 working days of being ordered. The roast date is stamped on the pack so you know you are getting the freshest coffee possible. You'll smell it when you open the bag and you'll taste it in every cup. Our roasting philosophy is very simple; showcase the bean in the best possible light and be as true as possible to its origins. We will only ever supply coffee we love to drink ourselves, be that a rich chocolatey espresso or a light fruity complex filter.

Delicious coffee starts at the source.  How the cherry is picked, processed and transported affects quality. Knowing the origin of our coffee and that it is responsibly sourced is of vital importance to us. It often costs more this way but this ultimately means a sustainable source of production AND better-tasting coffee.  Coffee is a seasonal product so we supply coffee from farmers all around the globe. Our aim is to provide a constantly changing supply of dynamic single origin coffees along with a complementary range of espresso blends.

The best quality coffee from a traceable source, carefully roasted, delivered fresh - that is speciality coffee and that is Cast Iron Coffee Roasters.

Meet The Team

guy spurr - cast iron coffee roasters

Guy Spurr

Le Grand Fromage 


Guy is the head roaster at Cast Iron and is never happier than when he is turning green beans brown.  He has raced 3 times in the Nurburgring 24hr race, but his greatest achievement is 2nd place at the Rackham Fete cheese straw competition. With a degree in Computer Science & Economics,  Guy has a business background but always dreamt of making something.  Favourite coffee origin Ethiopia.

david leeper - cast iron coffee roasters

David Leeper

Head Of Wholesale & Quality Control


Since 2013 David has worked as a barista, a Head of Coffee, set up his own coffee shop, become an AST and placed in the Top 10 for both the UK Barista Championships and Brewers Cup. Outside coffee, David enjoys baking sourdough and would consider the fact he has kept his starter alive a great achievement. Favourite Origin? A soft spot for Rwanda having visited it in 2016.

tilly spurr - cast iron coffee roasters

Tilly Spurr

Co-Founder of Cast Iron Coffee Roasters


Since meeting in 1992 Tilly & Guy have always worked together in one way or another. Of all the projects Cast Iron Roasting is the one Tilly says makes her most proud (with the possible exception of their clever daughters). Outside tasting and bagging, Tilly is a performance nutritionist and university lecturer. Favourite coffee origin Panama where her sister has a coffee farm and produces honey.

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