Cafetiere Coffee

The perfect coffees for you cafetiere and french press.  Order online with free delivery.


At Cast Iron Coffee Roasters, we source only the highest quality of ethically-sourced, single-origin coffee beans.
If you are looking for cafetiere coffee, choose from our selection of exceptional filter coffees, all of which are perfect for use in your cafetiere.

Along with your chosen lovingly-roasted coffee, you will receive a full description of the flavour profile and
heritage of your cafetiere coffee, including information about the farm from which it originates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cafetiere Coffee

What sort of coffee should I use in a cafetiere?

To brew the perfect cafetiere coffee, you should select one of our fresh, coarse ground filter coffees. There are plenty to choose from!

Can I use coffee beans in a cafetiere?

Coffee needs to be ground before use in any brewing method, cafetiere included.
With Cast Iron Coffee Roasters, you can choose from either freshly roasted coffee beans or ground coffee for filter or espresso.
Filter coffee tends to be coarse ground, whereas espresso is fine ground.

Is filter coffee better than cafetiere coffee?

It’s not a question of better or worse; the two different brewing methods produce a different body and mouthfeel.
Bear in mind that the coffee grind size should be different for filter or cafetiere brewing methods,
and the way in which the coffee interacts with the water is different.

Cafetiere coffee tends to have a more dense mouthfeel than filtered coffee, with a heavier sensation. Filter coffee gives a much lighter taste.
When using a cafetiere, more coffee oils and solids get through into the final cup, which is why the mouthfeel is denser.

Is a French Press the same as a cafetiere?

Essentially, yes, French Press is simply another name for cafetiere.
There are actually several different names for the cafetiere brewing method.
These include plunger coffee, coffee press and, in Italian, caffettiera a stantuffo.

How do you make cafetiere coffee?

The cafetiere, also known as French Press, is the brewing method of choice for many.
The ease of use, elegant design and affordability of the cafetiere make it very appealing. Not to mention, of course, its capacity for brewing exquisite tasting coffee.

Make sure to click on the big button above to read our guide to making the perfect cafetiere coffee!


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Detailed farm and tasting notes
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Receive a different, freshly roasted single origin coffee
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