Mork Hot Chocolate


Cast Iron Coffee Roasters is proud to be official UK distributors of Mörk hot chocolate, for both retail and wholesale customers.

Mörk is created using the same approach taken by specialty coffee makers (like us!), paying close attention to traceability,
quality and the unique origin of ingredients - from bean to cup.
As such, Mörk is one of the finest, most unique artisanal drinking chocolates available, crafted with all-natural ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mörk Hot Chocolate

What ingredients are used in Mörk hot chocolate?

Along with heavy blocks of pure, unsweetened chocolate (100% cacao liquor) and organic cocoa powder,
Mörk is made using unrefined coconut blossom sugar. This is all.
No additives, no artificial ingredients. Just pure, artisan drinking chocolate of the highest quality.

Where are Mörk hot chocolate ingredients sourced from?

Mörk uses cacao liquor from the cacao-growing region of Sur del Lago in south-western Venezuela. This is one of the oldest established cacao-growing regions in the world, covering around 5,000 hectares of land in outstanding growing conditions for the delicate cacao varieties it produces, such as highly aromatic, rare Trinitario (which is the variety used in Mörk drinking chocolate).

The organic cocoa powder is a Peruvian single origin, providing rounded favours, body and a slightly roasted taste. It also Dutched cocoa,
which means that a natural potassium solution is added in the refining process to highlight the flavour and reduce acidic notes in the taste.

Mörk's organic unrefined coconut blossom sugar comes from a sustainable farm in West Java, Indonesia.

How is Mörk hot chocolate made?

Mörk hot chocolate is produced in small batches, handmade by finely grating the pure cacao liquor
and blending it with the cocoa powder and coconut blossom sugar.

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