Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea 100g Tin

Product image 1Storm Tea Handcrafted Organic Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea
Product image 2Storm Tea Handcrafted Organic Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea 2

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Storm Tea Handcrafted Organic Earl Grey Tea, Harington Estate

100g Tin of Loose Leaf Tea

Flavour notes

A classic and beautiful balance brisk notes of the Ceylon tea complimenting the perfumed and citrus nuances of the oils of Bergamot. Best served black or if preferred with a drop of milk or a slice of lemon.


This Earl Grey tea made by Storm Tea is comprised of natural oil of bergamot that has been gently infused into black organic orange pekoe tea leaves from the Harington Estate that has been producing teas since 2011.

The Harington Estate can be found in the Dimbula region of the Central Mountain range of Sri Lanka. The estate was created with the intentions of protecting the land and removing artificial fertilisers and pesticides. By doing so, many species of animals have been seen around the estate including wild boar, wildcats, deer, squirrels, eagles and a range of birds. With the wonderful work being done there has also been an increase in the bee populations through the estate.

The tea estate, which was established in the days of the British Empire, is spread over 40 hectares of land so is relatively small and stands at 1,200 metres above sea level. The owners of the estate have opted to produce only black tea across 40 hectares of land, the black tea is in high demand due to the beautiful flavour and being of organic status.

The estate is also home to the 110 permanent workers who have their own homes provided to them, gardens and access to a school.

After being picked the tea is delivered to Colombo where natural oil of bergamot is infused into the large orange pekoe leaf to impart its particular distinctive flavour.

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